Europrise chemical toilets are right on track for any sports facility or event, whether it be an athletics centre or meeting, boat or car racing, or at the local tennis courts. 


Strategically located next to the track at the local sports centre, or in a sports facility, a chemical toilet provides additional hygiene facilities for athletes , spectators and training staff.
Whilst covering all your hygiene requirements, a chemical toilet being cleaned and serviced by Europrise as required means, that you are free from cleaning duties.


The number of chemical toilets required can be adjusted according to the number of people using the toilets. Also, more chemical toilets can be brought to the athletic centre for events and competitions.


A Europrise chemical toilet can be locked for selected use, by the persons with a key, and when the sports facilities are not being used.
Also, Europrise chemical toilets can be specifically located for males and females, with the toilets having specifications for males and females such as :


· Male/female sign on door
· Urinal in male toilet
· Sanitary bags and dustbin in female toilets


Europrise also has a range of portable showers and changing stations for use at sporting facilities. Europrise has a range with the choice of cold water only or hot/cold water shower, with a hanging hook for the towel and mirror.


Leaders with experience in sports facilities and events, Europrise chemical toilets, portable showers and changing stations are your ideal choice for any sporting facility.


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