Whether you are renovating a small apartment, or building the Olympic games stadium, it is essential to have the correct hygiene facilities on site.

With so many trades working at one time on a site, it is difficult to keep control of the hygiene. If there’s no portable toilet available, the trades person, will seek out the nearest facility, whether it be down the road as the local café or down in the building basement.

If there are no chemical toilets for building sites, time, and the hygiene situation of the building site could be seriously breached.

Europrise Environmental portable toilets can be quickly and easily delivered to your site, to accommodate all hygiene requirements, for less than a price of good coffee a day.

Using the “workhorse” of chemical toilets for building sites, the PJ3, our expert team assess your individual requirements, to supply the correct and number of toilets for your particular site. The PJ3 is a closed system portable toilet, meaning that you will not view your waste inside the tank. It is a sturdy and durable portable toilet, with a foot push pedal system for the sink and toilet ensuring greater hygiene.

Europrise have supplied portable toilets to a variety of construction sites, both in terms of type of site and number of trades people working there, including:

  • OAKA Athens Olympic Games stadium construction 2004
  • ATTIKO METRO at various metro stations
  • And many small construction companies for private houses, hotels, apartment blocks.