Working together with RAINBOW LUXURY TOILETS, Europrise Environmental LTD, supplied eight portable shower units to the International Aegean Yacht Rally, in Leros Marina, Leros. The portable showers were transported from our Athens warehouse to Leros Marina for use by Yachtsmen from all over the world, who were supporting yachting and sailing in the Aegean sea. The portable showers then had to be regularly cleaned and maintained by our on site team

Europrise chemical toilets for markets can be found at the Athens street markets for use by vendors, ensuring greater hygiene to each market and its surrounding area.

Europrise portable toilets can now be lit internally for better use during night time events. With their translucent roofs, the Europrise portable toilets, always have a source of lighting. However, Europrise have now upgraded some of their portable toilets so that they can be connected to the electrical supply using a cable so that the portable toilet is better lit at night for use at events like concerts, festivals and parties.